Remote learning SBC WK 10

Did it inspire you?

Yes, most of the blogs I visited had different widgets like search bars and their blogs were very colourful and they all looked awesome.

–Did you see any cool designs or posts and what were they?

Most of the posts I saw were about themselves and the designs were different to what have and theirs looked really epic.

–Were you surprised by anything and WMYST?

One of the blogs had different pages you could access and I thought that was cool how he/she did that.

–Include the links to any blogs you think are worthy of others visiting and why you chose them. 

These are the blogs I visited

Country of Focus Week 6 – Cambodia

1. Attach an image of Cambodia’s flag

I got this image from


2. What continent is Cambodia in?

Cambodia is in the continent of Asia.

3. What is the capital city?

The Capital of Cambodia is Phnom Penh.

4. Is Cambodia in the Northern or the Southern Hemisphere?

Cambodia is located in the Northern hemisphere.

5. What is the population?

The population of Cambodia is to be estimated at 16.72 million people in 2020.

6. What is the national language? Is there more than one?

In Cambodia Khmer is the official language that is spoken by nearly 90% of the population.

7. What is the currency?

The Cambodian currency is Cambodian riel.

8. What is one connection Cambodia has with Australia?

Australia entered into diplomatic relations with Cambodia over 60 years ago.

9. What is one interesting fact about Cambodia?

Over the past 60 years Cambodia has been changing its name whenever a new government comes into control.

  • The Kingdom of Cambodia: 1953-1970 (ruled by a monarchy)
  • The Khmer Republic: 1970-1975 (ruled by President Lon Nol’s government)
  • Democratic Kampuchea: 1975-1979 (under Pol Pot’s terrible Khmer Rouge regime)
  • The People’s Republic of Kampuchea: 1979-1989 (under the rule of the Vietnamese sponsored government)
  • The State of Cambodia: 1989-1993 (under the United Nations Transitional Assembly)
  • The Kingdom of Cambodia: 1993-present (under the restored constitutional monarchy)

10. List all countries that share a border with Cambodia including their location.

  • Thailand
  • Laos
  • Vietnam
  • Gulf of Thailand

Commenting on other peoples post

1 being the most helpful
8 being the least helpful
I rate…
Comment 1- 6
Comment 2- 1
Comment 3- 3
Comment 4- 7
Comment 5- 2
Comment 6- 8
Comment 7- 5
Comment 8- 4
Which is the most helpful and WMYST?
Comment 2 was the most helpful because it seemed to have lot’s of questions which continue the conversations on the blog.

Which is the least helpful and WMYST?
Comment 6 was one on the least helpful because it was irrelevant to the blog and it didn’t have much helpful information to write and continue the conversation about.

I’ve learnt comments should be full of helpful information and they should be conversations but not texting conversations, interesting ones with relevant information. Also comments should contain at least 3 proper sentences.

This information that I’ve learnt has really helped me understand what a comment on a blog needs.

200 word writing challenge

The wind howled as the snow drifted slowly on to the ground as a girl called Isabel lived in a small cabin in the woods. Every Winter’s night her mum would prepare a warm cup of cocoa while Isabel watched the snow drop softly outside on the frosty surface.

The cabin felt cozy and warm hence the fireplace crackled in front of Isabel’s and her mums hands while both of them twinkled their fingers. While the night continued they began to toast white, fluffy marshmallows, as a result of  her mum’s marshmallow started to turn a light brown which was perfect to eat. The smell of sweetness floated in the heated air. Isabel began to fall asleep on her mum’s shoulder. “I’m tired too.” her mum chuckled softly.

She began covering the girl with a blanket and started to fall asleep. As the night continued the weather was colder and as the two laid down the wind brushed their hair peacefully.

The next morning Isabel woke up as the sun shined in her face. Isabel squinted at her mum to see if she was awake. She shook her mums shoulders aggressively and her mum began to say “I coming, I am!”

“Wake up! it’s Christmas!” Shouted the little girl.

“Santa came and left some presents for me!” Exclaimed Isabel.